Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama and His Healthcare, etc etc

I don't really have an stability when I write in my blog, but I guess I do it for my own personal gain.. It is seriously a great way for me to get some stress off my shoulders. Ya know?

So I was of course watching my boy Anderson Cooper on AC360 the other night and they had that total nut case Barney Frank on. The guy is entertaining, just nuts. And it was interesting to see all of the hate that is going on within the people who are opposed to Obama's healthcare plan. I think that whomever told them what the plan was about and how it would help, somehow received the answer totally misconstrued. 90% of the people I talk to who do not want to put this healthcare reform through think that the plan is going to make them drop their plan and pick up the one from the government. NO! Read the plan people. If you have a plan, this healthcare reform will only help to make sure there is more security for ya. You don't have to drop your plan, you don't have to change your doctor. Here's a question for thought. You lost your job, you have no healthcare, and you are taking care of your mother who has cancer. Would you take the healthcare the government is offering you to take care of your mother? I don't even want to talk about the "I Lie" statement because my opinion will totally raise hell.

Just read into the facts please. It is so moronic to hold up a sign that says "Go back to Kenya" when he never actually lived there. It is moronic to not want change. We haven't had change in awhile...and look where that got us all.

On a side night: Pelosi had crazy eyes the other night.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMA Awards

So I actually took time to watch the VMA's. This is the first time I have taken the time to actually watch them. Not sure why, just haven't been too interested. So the show opens with the Michael Jackson tribute. I can never hate an MJ tribute. It is just great. The choreography is amazing. Then Russell Brand and his crazy self. Barak Obama woot woot. I love this shameless plugs. Then the awards for female video. Without a surprise, Taylor swift wins. People are cheering, even her other nominees (i.e. Pink) is cheering. Says thanks, cannot believe a COUNTRY singer has made it into the VMA's when Kanye West and his "classy" self intervenes. Really Kanye. Picking and destroying a NINETEEN year old girl's moment. Tool. That's my rant for now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Blind beings
Never seeing the silver lining
In the hiding from reality.
This black and white world
Of banality hindering our
Misconceptions of what is real
And what is beauty.
This life is not what is to be
And only seeing through things
Is not the key to living fully.
Just one hit of this forgotten
Taste of poison will
Shake your body alive,
It thrives on always something more.
Gray fogs of musk hiding ambition.
It’s true tradition to ignore the sensation
Of innovation.
Creation of a motley mind
Shivers throughout your knotted
And tucked spine.
Let’s take off this blind fold
And untie this noose because
We are hanging ourselves to dry.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Poem

This blog is so random and I talk about nearly everything but I love it and that is why I am who I am. Awesomely random. This poem doesn't really reflect how I feel about God because I am a Roman Catholic with a pretty strong faith, but this does express many of the questions I have had throughout my life and frustrations.

We cannot escape
The predetermined fate
That the Lord up above has set.
If there is a God,
He who is “almighty and high,”
Is it okay for him to let his children cry,
All those who don’t have fathers by their side.
Believe what you’re taught,
Be the way our four fathers sought.
Prepare for Jesus Christ’s return,
Tell your five year old
If he sins, he’ll burn.
Don’t worry about problems persisting,
If God were real,
Would AIDs be existing?
There is no justice to the core,
If there were
WHY the Genocide in Darfur?
Your Eucharistic homilies
Cannot save the world’s economies.
Nor the young girls who want to die,
Thinking Mr. Right was a nice guy.
Now they wear bruises on milky skin,
Remembering what they thought would have been.
But why do we not have the say,
How we decide to pray,
Or if we want to be gay.
Individuality is supposed to be okay,
As long as it is not in the priest’s dismay.
Why cannot we believe
That maybe Jesus Christ was NEVER conceived.
Confession may be humiliation,
But is it more important than exploitation?
Who knew pride and honor is so demanding,
Than the need for abolitionists versus child trafficking is outstanding!
While Love146 is saving dreams now flawed.
Where is this “Almighty” God?
Didn’t year hear?
Human trafficking is the second biggest crime in YEARS!
But maybe it is more bearable than rape,
Even though these children have slim chances to escape.
Meanwhile the soldiers get their pleasures,
Taking advantage of female comrades no matter the measures.
But don’t fret,
God gives us the choice to turn,
Perfection in the future,
Parents will not hit
But nurture.
Terrorism will be a thing of the past,
Osama Bin Laden will be found at last!
So Almighty God
Bless this earth.
But truth be told
I had more faith in Bush
Than lies this old.
If you believe in these words,
Tellings from the book,
I’m not saying you are wrong.
I just have a different outlook.
So if we are destined for an eventual fate,
Believe the proclamations you make,
Fidelity is hidden inside,
And today faith is blind.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who exactly are the terrorists?

Many argue that the fight against animal usage in science involves only the terrorist acts of extreme groups who seek to justify their means of the liberation of these animals. But ask the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who is the REAL terrorist and they will tell you it is the scientists and sponsors of experimentation. So what is the philosophy of these animal liberators?

"The aim of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) is to provide a space for the development of a “critical” approach to animal studies, one which perceives that relations between human and nonhuman animals are now at a point of crisis which implicates the planet as a whole. This dire situation is evident most dramatically in the intensified slaughter and exploitation of animals (who die by the tens of billions each year in the United States alone); the unfolding of the sixth great extinction crisis in the history of the planet (the last one being 65 million years ago); and the monumental environmental ecological threats of global warming, rainforest destruction, desertification, air and water pollution, and resource scarcity, to which animal agriculture is a prime contributor."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh So

This blog is going to be converted into my sociology project on "Ecoterrorism" and how it allegedly relates to our society in every way.  So get to chatting